Athlinks is the best way to track all of your race results in one place.

Results Database

Each year, over 10 million athletes in the U.S. cross a finish line at an endurance event. For most of us, it's not about the medals, or the prize money, or the roaring crowds. It's about results. It's about getting better each race - going faster, going farther, beating a rival, or lifting up a loved one. It’s about the hours, minutes, and seconds scribbled on the back of a race bib or on a row in a spreadsheet.

We set out to make capturing those rewards as simple as typing your name into a search box.

Athlinks is the largest results database for competitive endurance athletes in the world. We pull in times for running races, triathlon, swimming, cycling, mountain biking ... pretty much any timed endurance sport that you can think of - if we can find the results, we will add them to the database and link them to our members' accounts.

Athlete Community

"Compete. Connect." That's our motto. Use fitness to not only push yourself, but to connect with your fellow athletes. Whether in your hometown, or half the way around the world - Athlinks members connect in more meaningful ways to those around them on the site. Using the commonality of racing – you can seek out local training partners, gear heads, or mentors who have achieved things in racing that you endeavor to accomplish.

We start you out by showing you your “Rivals” – a list of everyone that you have raced against, along with a race-by-race record of wins and losses as well as time differentials.

How We Do It

Athlinks relies on the support of the race director and athlete communities to populate the database. As results are posted online, the Race Director sends the results files or links to our team, who then uploads the information to the database. We have a dedicated staff of results hounds.

As more and more athletes sign up with Athlinks, we are able to use the support of our members to track down upcoming races to add to the results queue - which takes pressure off of the race directors.

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